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Welcome to the Website of Tute, The Unknown Title Examiner. Those who know me, or who think they know me, think I know a thing or two about the examination of real estate titles here in Virginia. I'm not going to disagree with them. As the music minister told the pastor, "You just can't teach a pig to sing; first off, he can't; and secondly, it annoys him."

This website will be constantly <several years into this project, I realize "constantly" may have overstated the frequency> undergoing change. The Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America seem to be going out of their way lately to change things around. I'm not sure they really understand real estate titles. There may be something to all that talk about how trial lawyers are taking over . . . As I see things of interest, or of horror, I'll pass them on.

Please come back often to see what I've discovered.


In addition to examining titles in many of Virginia's 120 land records offices (for those of you from outside the Commonwealth, our land records are maintained in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court - one for each county and independent city in the Commonwealth - that's another way we differ from the other 49 states - our independent cities are not part of, and in fact, often have the most exquisitely polite and hateful relationships with the adjoining counties), I have had the distinct pleasure of writing for the Virginia Land Title Association's newsletter, the VLTA Examiner. Among the pages on this site are reprints of those columns.

It is certainly difficult for an "unknown" to provide enough information to show experience and credentials without giving away enough information to reveal an identity. Tute is a graduate of a Virginia high school, a Virginia university, a non-Virginia university, various corporate and association training programs, and a Virginia-licensed title insurance agent.

Title examination leads to title insurance. That is my day job. The rest of my life revolves around home, spouse, kids, bills, cats, dogs, bills, and pretending I know something about the Internet. <again, several years into this project, the list is different - the house is gone in a semi-distress sale years before sub-prime lending became anathema; the spouse gave me the boot; the kids are almost all grown, there is only one cat left (other than the two mostly feral strays that "adopted" the family; the dog turned out to be something special and not just the mutt we thought, the bills were almost under control when the economy went into a tailspin> It is a wild world out there. I hope you enjoy your visit to my little corner.

Contact Information

If it were too easy to contact me, I don't think I'd be able to retain the designation "unknown." And "TKTE" just doesn't have the same ring.

Postal address
c/o VLTA Examiner
Virginia Land Title Association
5020 Clarke Road, #133
Sarasota, FL 34233-3231
Electronic mail
Title Examination Questions:  theunknowntitleexaminer@mail.com

I am nerdier than 50% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


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