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A Study Guide for

The Virginia Title Agents Examination

(Patterned after the Experior Outline)

(with additional information from various sources deemed reliable)

(and with ALTA policy forms)

 Prepared by The Unknown Title Examiner,

a licensed Virginia title agent



This Outline and Study Guide was prepared because, after several years in the title insurance industry, I found it necessary to take the agent's licensing exam.  Much to my dismay, I found no single study guide that covered the topic.  Perhaps I was just in an overly nervous state of mind, or perhaps, as my spouse often says, I'm overly compulsive.

             I passed the exam.  There is no guarantee or warranty that reading this Outline will insure that you will pass the title agent's licensing exam.  The materials presented here are organized in the same pattern as the Experior Outline.  They are based on my experience and readings.  I have a fair amount of both.  This is not a quick study - cheat sheet - Cliff's Notes -type of outline.  There has been no attempt to compile a list of Experior's data bank of questions.  I don't have that kind of a memory.  I only took the test one time.  I don't know all the questions.  To be 100% upfront and honest, I don't know all the answers either (I did not get a perfect score, although I was close).

Disclaimer aside, I believe these materials do provide, in outline summary form, the basic knowledge a title agent should have when entering the industry. Most experienced agents know far more than is contained in this outline.  Those experienced in real estate titles, especially title examiners, or experienced underwriters returning to the field after some time away, may find this approach too simplistic.  These are the basic rules, for the person just entering the business.  We have all seen the exception that proved the rule, but I don't think the licensing exam for the entry level employee is looking for it.

Where this outline touches upon matters of law, the statements in this outline are basic statements of basic principles.  References to statutes are to either the Virginia Code (section numbers) ( or the United States Code (U.S.C.) (  I have avoided reference to or discussion of case law unless necessary, or more convenient. There are always fact patterns that will result in different findings based on the unique facts presented.  This outline is neither a legal treatise, nor a study guide for the bar exam.  Any similarity between the facts presented here and a situation you may be confronting are purely coincidental.  If you are trying to apply what you read here to a situation in your life, don't.  CONSULT YOUR LAWYER instead!!

In conclusion, I know this Outline will help you prepare for the exam.  I look forward to welcoming you to the title insurance industry.



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