Ode to the Title Industry

Branch Manager, take this app
and zip this order through
It has to close in 15 days
So see what you can do

Title Officer, here's my file
Please hear my desperate plea.
The property's in Timbuktu
The legal goes from tree to tree.

Customer Service, are you there?
I'd like a guarantee.
The owner's name, I think, is Smith,
I'm sure it's in this country.

Searcher, are you finished yet?
It's a six page chain.
Yesterday the owner died,
His wife has gone insane.

Examiner, it can't be true,
I'm getting close to tears.
You say no taxes have been paid 
In over 15 years?

You mean it's still in typing?
Fifteen minutes now have passed.
This matter is a super rush,
It must be finished fast.

At last it has been proofread,
And the secretary's done.
The messenger is ready 
To make a special run.

The matter's out the door now.
The plant sighs in relief
Suddenly the Closing Officer
Screams out in disbelief.

Fighting back the tears now
She falls onto her knees.
The buyer has backed out of it,
Cancel, no charge please.



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